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weather safety

We take weather safety VERY seriously. All sites have storm shelters and we monitor weather conditions carefully. We will notify parents when appropriate, so please do not call camp during a storm. We need to keep our phone lines open, and will be busy taking care of campers.

Weather is unpredictable and camper safety is of primary importance. Because of this, CJH implemented an even stronger system to make sure that campers are safe in the unpredictable weather of the summer camp season in Nebraska. 

“We have a great relationship with our local authorities and they are very good at looking out for us and communicating with us regarding storm safety,” said Jason Gerdes, Executive Director. Carol Joy Holling Camp is also accredited through the American Camp Association, which has strict guidelines on weather related procedures. “Knowing that we can’t control the weather doesn’t stop us from trying to predict it, monitor it, and be extremely proactive in keeping our campers and staff safe in it.”

“In 2009 we added to our weather safety tool kit by implementing a new software program called Weather Defender ,” Gerdes said.

Weather Defender, developed by software firm SWIFT Weather, is a weather prediction and monitoring system that helps customers forecast, monitor and respond to weather threats. When threats are issued, the software will alert key people at Carol Joy Holling Camp via computer, e-mail, or cell phone. “With this service, we can see what is happening directly at Carol Joy Holling Camp,” Gerdes explained. “We, of course, are watching the local weather station just like the parents, but we also now have very specific information about the weather exactly where we are at and can respond accordingly.”  

“Weather threats are inevitable here in Nebraska summer months. We feel very strongly that the tools we have in place –Weather Defender and our systems for action – are going to help us make sure campers are safe and parents are reassured,” Gerdes said.

For more information on summer camp weather safety, contact Korey Breutzmann , Director of Programs, 402-944-2544.


Financial Aid

Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries provides financial assistance to help children attend camp through its Campership Program. The Campership Program ensures that any child who wants to attend camp has the opportunity. Please complete the online form below or call our Registrar, Jessica, at 402-944-2544. Payment plans are also available.

Once you reach an agreed upon plan, our Registrar will give you a code to use when registering.

For more information please contact Jessica by email at Registrar@NLOM.org or by phone at 402-944-2544.


Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Sunday Check-in

Check-in time for all sessions is 3 - 4:30 p.m. Check-in will begin promptly at 3 p.m. Programming on each site begins promptly at 4:30, so if you will be arriving late, please call to let us know your estimated time of arrival.

All campers will check in at their individual site. We will have staff at the entrance to help guide you on Sundays. Staff will also be on hand to help unload gear and get campers settled at each site. Health Care will be at each site to check in any medications your camper might have. After meeting the counselor, parents are asked to say a brief and encouraging goodbye to their campers.

At check-in, campers will deposit their spending money in the “Camp Bank” to spend at the camp store throughout the week.


Each session ends with a closing worship service and check out instructions at 2 p.m. Families and friends are invited to this service. We will be done around 2:30 p.m., at which time you can go with your camper to their site to get their gear and sign out with the Site Coordinator. All campers must be signed out by an authorized person by 3 p.m.


Prior arrangements must be made with the Registrar if a child needs to leave before 2:30 p.m. on the last day of the session. 

If someone other than a parent will be picking up your camper, you must provide that authorization to camp. You can do so in the following two ways: Simply include that information on the “authorized pick-up” portion of the registration, or download the form below, complete and send or bring to your camper’s Sunday check-in.

Transportation permission form.pdf


camper mail

Camper E-Mail

We encourage you to send your child e-mail throughout the week! It must be received by 9 a.m. for delivery that day. Our printer is black and white - no fancy art or forwardings, please. Mail MUST be addressed to: Camper@NLOM.org and in the “subject” field be sure to put your child’s first and last name and their camp site. Campers will NOT be able to reply to e-mail while they are at camp.

Camper Snail Mail

You can also send your camper snail mail. Campers love getting mail, although they may not write to you as often as you wish! Do not send packages containing gum, candy or food. Any such items will be held for the camper to pick up on closing day. Camper mail should be addressed to your camper at: "Camper Name & Site"
Carol Joy Holling Camp
27416 Ranch Road
Ashland, NE 68003

We also have an in-camp mail box available when you bring your child to camp. You can drop mail in it and it will be delivered on Monday, or whatever day you indicate on the mail. In-camp mail doesn’t require any postage.


packing list

Please put your name on EVERYTHING!  Also, all clothing should be appropriate for a Bible camp as well as for a highly active week.


❑     Bible with your name in it
❑     Heavy sleeping bag or bedding
❑     Pillow
❑     Laundry bag
❑     T-shirts, casual shirts (no tobacco, alcohol or drug ads)
❑     Shorts
❑     Jeans (required for riding horses at Tipi or Ranch)
❑     Underwear and socks (both are required)
❑     Pajamas or something to sleep in
❑     Swimsuit, oil free sunscreen and beach towel
❑     2 pairs of old shoes (open-toed, outdoor sandals are allowed, but closed-toed shoes are required for many activities)
❑     Rain boots or waterproof shoes are highly recommended for dewy mornings

❑     Grubby clothes & shoes for mud activities

❑     Jacket and rain gear
❑     Hat for sun protection
❑     Bath towels and soap
❑     Comb/brush
❑     Toothbrush and toothpaste
❑     Other personal gear (glasses, shampoo, etc.)
❑     Insect repellent
❑     Flashlight and extra batteries

❑     5-6 masks

OPTIONAL: Sweat pants/sweatshirt; fishing gear; camera; journal/addresses/stamps; a stuffed animal; boots with 1/2 inch heel for riding, if you are at Tipi or Ranch; shower shoes.

Sjogren Center Campers

NOTE: If you are staying at the Sjogren Retreat Center you do NOT need to bring bedding; you DO need to bring bath and swim towels.

Please do not bring expensive jewelry, sunglasses or clothing.


  • Cell phones

  • Electronic equipment such as radios, iPods, tablets and laptop computers

  • Food, candy, pop

  • Knives, firearms, fireworks or anything that might be perceived as a weapon

  • Hair dryers, straighteners, etc.


“Not Allowed” items will be held by staff and returned at the end of the week. NLOM reserves the right to search personal belongings, with the camper present, if we believe items not allowed have been brought to camp. Illegal drugs, tobacco, alcohol, knives, firearms, fireworks or anything that might be perceived as a weapon are not tolerated at camp. NLOM reserves the right to ask any person found with these items to leave camp. Parents are responsible for coming to get any child asked to be sent home with no compensation or refund.


health care

For specific questions about special summer 2021 precautions, please visit our COVID-19 safety page.



When you register for camp, you will be asked for medical and insurance information for each camper. The registration is not valid until all information is received. We no longer have a separate Health History Form.



American Camp Association Standards require all prescription and non-prescription medications to be kept locked and dispensed only under the specific directions of a licensed physician. All medications for youth and adults must be in the original container with the physician’s name on it. The directions/dosage on the container is what we are required to follow. All medications must be turned in to Health Care staff at check-in. The only exceptions are medications for life-threatening conditions, which may be carried by the camper after a discussion with our Health Care staff.


In Case of Illness or Accidents at Camp

Health care staff are on duty at camp 24 hours a day. Records of all medications and first aid treatment are filed with the health care staff daily.

If there is an emergency or serious illness, parents will be notified by camp staff.


Family communication

Recognizing that leaving your children anywhere for any amount of time can be very difficult and worrisome, we want to make this experience as anxiety and worry-free as possible for you.

First, know that your child’s safety and well-being is always our first priority. Receiving a near perfect score on the American Camping Association accreditation, we are confident in the safety procedures, practices and systems that we have in place.

Second, know that we take seriously our role in your child’s faith life. We are grateful that you have allowed us to be a part of your family through this experience.

Finally, because we know how hard it can be to disconnect from your children for any amount of time, we want to provide some insights into your child’s week. We will have three Summer Ministry Team members dedicated to giving you a glimpse at what your child is doing at Carol Joy Holling Camp. These staff members will be in charge of putting photos online daily at CarolJoyHolling.org. Just click the “Daily Photos at CJH” link on the home page and enjoy!

If you have any questions about our Family Communications Program, please contact Dani Hatfield at DHatfield@NLOM.org or 402-944-2544.


Camp Store

Campers will have an opportunity to go to the Camp Store during their week at camp. The Camp Store carries items like camp t-shirts, water bottles, stuffed animals, jewelry, etc. We do not sell pop or candy during the week.

At check-in, campers will deposit their spending money in the “Camp Bank” to spend at the camp store throughout the week. Purchases will be deducted from their account and the balance refunded on the last day of the camp session. The store will be open in a drive-thru format at the Office building on the last day of the session after closing program.