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Overnight camp

Overnight camp options

Carol Joy Holling Center has different sites for different age groups. Each site has unique housing units and activities. Follow the links to learn more about your options!


1st-3rd, 4th-6th








PLUS, Check out these specialty programs that aren't based at our traditional sites:




Choose your 

program site

Based on your child's grade, choose the program site best suited for them. There are a couple of options for most age groups. Differences between sites include program specialties and housing. 


Choose your date

Once you know the site your child wants to attend, pick the date that works best for you.

NOTE: you absolutely can change the date if something comes up. Just contact our Registrar, Sarah, and we'll help you out!



We use UltraCamp for registration. The first time you set it up, you fill in a lot of information - contact, medical, emergency contact. Every time after that, you just update information. It's pretty intuitive, but if you have any trouble, contact our Registrar, Sarah. We're here to help!

1st-3rd & 4th-6th grade

At TrailHead, 1st-3rd and 4th-6th graders will get to worship, do Bible study and devotions, go on adventure hikes, explore, and learn more about God’s beautiful creation. Campers also enjoy cookouts, creative arts, and water activities such as swimming, canoeing, water games, and archery (4th-6th graders). Trying something new during Exploration Clubs, and climbing The Summit Challenge Course is super fun, too! 

Note: in the 1st – 6th grade sessions, campers’ village, and tent assignments will be by grades (1st-3rd & 4th-6th).

TrailHead is also home to our Zipline. All campers will get a chance to step off of a 25-foot cliff and zip down a 300-foot long wire. Don't worry Mom and Dad - they are strapped in tight, wear a helmet, and are guided by the trained staff!


At Trailhead, campers stay in bunkrooms in the brand-new Hazel Dillon Lodge with other campers their age and a Summer Ministry Team member. Campers have bunk beds to sleep on.

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Tipi Village
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the grove
4th-6th grade

The Grove is a unique site for 4th-6th grade campers focused on caring for God’s creation and bearing the fruits of the spirit. Campers focus on outdoor living,  worship around campfires, take care of and ride horses, and tend to their very own garden. The Grove is the smallest site at Carol Joy Holling Camp, so campers will become close friends with everyone and grow into a strong community of believers.

At The Grove, campers enjoy activities that may include outdoor cooking, archery, and natural gardening. Other activities include Bible study, exploring nature, creative arts, climbing challenges on the Summit Course, swimming, kayaking, fishing, and more!


At The Grove, you’ll stay on a cot in a tipi with other campers your age and a Summer Ministry Team member.

The Springs
The springs
6th-8th grade

The Springs is a site based on adventure. Activities that you’ll enjoy at The Springs include Carrying the Cross – literally. Each village takes turns carrying the 10’ cross for a day, reminding us to keep Christ at the center of our lives. Make new friends while you play Biffer & Medic, play Gaga, swim, boat, shoot archery, learn outdoor education; high ropes adventure at the Commitment Trail; and camper-led worship. Campers will also get to build and play a drum with guest musician, Michael Fitzsimmons.


At The Springs, you’ll stay in a cabin with other campers your age and a Summer Ministry Team member.


Night Camp

Campers will get to stay up until 2:00 a.m. to discover everything God’s creation has to offer after dark (they’ll get to sleep in to make sure they get plenty of rest!). In addition to normal camp activities, campers will do glow zip-lining at dusk, night fishing, stargazing, night hiking, glow activities, and reflective geocaching. Campers will sleep in Springs cabins.

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ranch camp
6th-8th grade

Middle school youth will develop deeper relationships as they rely on one another to complete the Woodhaven Co-Op course and High Ropes Commitment Trail, journal about their faith, share in Bible study, plan worship and encourage each other as they share their faith stories.

Activities at Ranch Camp include learning basic horsemanship skills from certified wranglers and gaining horse riding experiences such as arena riding, obstacle courses, and trail riding; paddling on the Salt Creek; camper planned and led worship; and other camp favorites such as creative arts, swimming, boating, hiking, and human foosball!


At Ranch Camp, you’ll stay in our Western Town. You'll be in a room with four bunk beds and will stay with other campers your age and a Summer Ministry Team member.

Ranch Camp
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Middle School Mission Camp
Whispering winds
9th-12th grade

Senior high youth often leave camp with a closer relationship with Christ, a new understanding of their unique gifts, lifelong friendships, and great memories.  All senior high programs are full of action-packed programming but still give these young adults lots of opportunities to choose their own adventure!

This site is set apart just for senior high campers. Whispering Winds caters to young adults’ unique needs: hammocks, small group gathering spaces, an atmosphere built into the natural surroundings, and a special worship site!

Some of the activities senior high campers enjoy include high ropes adventure on the Commitment Trail and The Summit Course. In-depth faith talks, worship, Bible studies and all of the classic camp favorites are all a part of a week at Whispering Winds. Campers will also spend one night on an off-site experience.


At Whispering Winds, you’ll stay in a platform tent with other campers your age and a Summer Ministry Team member.

Whispering Winds
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9th-12th grade


Ready for an epic adventure? Travel with us as we head to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for a week in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. This week will include exploring the town and nearby trails of Steamboat Springs, an overnight backpacking trip, and swimming at a hot springs pool. Come experience God’s creation with us this summer!


road trip adventure

Looking for the perfect combination of adventure and fun? Join us on the Road Trip Adventure! This trips starts with a zip-line canopy tour zipping over the ravines near Dubuque, Iowa. Travel throughout Northeast Iowa to explore the beauty of the region on bike trails, hiking trails, and caves. The trip concludes by floating down the Upper Iowa River, one of the region's most scenic rivers. 

High School Trips
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