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Living Fearlessly in Faith

It’s hard to find a moment of silence these days throughout the forests and trails around camp, as songs and laughter of campers join with the chirping of birds and hum of insects.

“It just feels right. It feels like things are back to where they should be,” Nate Grimm, Whispering Winds Site Coordinator shared. “Having campers back has been a burst of energy. It feels so good to be back at camp.”

“It’s really nice to be able to have everyone come together and pick up where we left off,” TrailHead Site Coordinator Emily Dresbach agreed. “I’ve had campers from two summers ago tell me they remember me. It’s great to be back in community together.”

The community created each week is special.

“I always have lots of stories to tell [when I get home], but I mostly just talk about the awesome relationships that I’ve made at camp,” Zoe, a Whispering Winds camper said.

It’s through those relationships that campers learn to live fearlessly in their faith—trusting in God’s compassion and joyfully sharing God’s promises with others.

Sophia, a TrailHead camper, said her village leader shared a Bible verse and prayed with the village before they all went on the zipline.

“I was feeling nervous,” she explained. “But when I finally jumped off the ledge, I felt like I was free because I felt the wind, and I felt a big, big weight lifted off my shoulders.”

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