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Retreats aren't just for adults

If you thought we’re only about summer camp, you’d be missing out on the super fun and impactful retreats that we offer to campers throughout the year! We have programs for all ages that offer campers an opportunity to experience camp for the first time or return to camp to restore and refresh during the different seasons.

Explore! Day Camp Retreat is offered for elementary students once in the fall and once in the spring at Carol Joy Holling Camp. This is the perfect program for campers who aren’t quite ready to stay overnight. They can experience some of the same activities offered in the summer and they build relationships with amazing

leaders and fellow campers. Explore! Day Camp Retreat allows the campers to get familiar with the different areas of camp and experience camp traditions that include songs, Bible studies, as well as mealtime prayers and routines. When they show up for camp the next summer, they are pros! Have your camper join the next Explore! on April 22.

“Explore is such a fun way to try camp without the overnight expectation. By the end of the day my son was ready to stay at camp for a week and couldn’t wait for the summer!”

-Allison Blatchford

Middle school students were welcomed back to camp in December for the Middle School Retreat, a two-night stay in Western Town. Even though the weather threw the team a curveball, the leaders were able to make some last-minute changes to ensure the campers had a fun and impactful weekend. The frigid temperatures meant zip-lining and high ropes were off the table, so climbing and flying inside Town Hall was a great alternative!

Carol Joy Holling Camp is blessed with amazing facilities that allow opportunities for a variety of activities and scenarios. Comfortable, temperature-controlled accommodations allow for year-round events.

On March 10, middle schoolers are invited back for a lock-in. They’ll experience a fun night of camp activities, fellowship, and learning more about God. It will be packed with games, snacks, movie time, and Bible study. Campers will be introduced to the 2023 summer camp theme: (un)Equal. Youth wishing to spend time with friends, learn more about God, and have a fun time will also find a meaningful message at this lock-in and an experience they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

We know that high schoolers need retreats too. In January, they were invited to join us for the High School Retreat to rest and recharge. This retreat was open to all high schoolers, whether or not they attended camp this past summer. The retreat was a recap of the things covered at summer camp and how they can continue to implement those lessons into their lives. For campers who may not have been able to attend camp, the retreat was an opportunity for them to experience camp in a condensed and meaningful way.

The program team at Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries is hard at work developing innovative programs that can serve campers of all ages and abilities. This amazing space has been set aside to bring Faith: Alive! and it continues to grow and change with each passing season as we live out this promise.

For upcoming retreats:

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