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Every summer, campers and volunteers at Carol Joy Holling Camp participate in a significant service project that helps them connect to the needs of the world outside of camp. This year, campers will go

back to the basics of Christianity - serving those around you with kindness!

By practicing easy acts of kindness and sharing God’s love through simple service to others, campers experience and live out God’s call. Heather Abbott, Service Project Coordinator said, “It’s so simple, yet so important. Everywhere kids go these days, there are messages of hate and fear and worry. You only have to look as far as social media to see that we, as adults, are modeling these things too.”

Carol Joy Holling Camp is a place to take a deep breath, reset, see wonderful examples of how to lead a beautiful, messy, fun Christian life. “The service project this year is intended to give campers tools to take home and share God’s love through simple acts of service,” Abbott added.

Every camper will create a “Service-On-The-Go-Ninja-Kit!” Each kit will contain ideas and materials to stealthily spread kindness. From supplies to make a friendo bracelet, to notecards and stickers to write a note to a friend or stranger, campers will have what they need to be Service Ninjas without the help of adults.

“Our hope is that each camper will understand why kindness is so important and will be inspired to do their part back home,” said Abbott. “Think about it. If every one of these campers goes home and shares a bit of love with those around them, that’s a whole lot of smiles and laughter and good days. It’s really something that campers can feel good about and learn from!”

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