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Summer camp

Build Character

Encourage Faith

Have Fun

We Get it.


Parenting is hard.

Parenting in today's world is hard. There is no shortage of options that claim to help, but fall short of adding the right value to your child's life and to your family. You want your child to feel the joy of childhood but also gain the life skills needed to live as productive, happy adults. Faith is oh-so-important; encouraging new activities builds their confidence; friendships - old and new - give them support. All of these things seem so simple, yet become such a challenge as we seek ways to get it right. 

We are parents too. We understand that choosing a summer camp experience is more than just filling your child's schedule and keeping them busy. You want safe, affordable options that support your values and help your children to grow in character, faith and friendships. Plus, it MUST be fun!


Choose your 

program site

Based on your child's grade, choose the program site best suited for them. There are a couple of options for most age groups. Differences between sites include program specialties and housing. 


Choose your date

Once you know the site your child wants to attend, pick the date that works best for you.

NOTE: you absolutely can change the date if something comes up. Just contact our Registrar, Jessica, and she'll help you out!



We use UltraCamp for registration. The first time you set it up, you fill in a lot of information - contact, medical, emergency contact. Every time after that, you just update information. It's pretty intuitive, but if you have any trouble, contact our Registrar, Jessica. We're here to help!

Camper Parent

We cannot say enough about Jordan's, and our, camp experience. Last year was the first time he has ever been to an overnight camp and he counted the days until he could come back. The very next weekend after leaving this year he asked me to drop him off again at camp!

Camper parent

Thank you for making the camp safe, productive

and fun!

Camper parent

Kenzie had an amazing time at camp. She is already looking forward to coming back next year. She really enjoyed meeting new friends and learning more about God. She made a point to tell me that she enjoyed being away from her electronics for the week which is awesome! Thank you again for making this such a wonderful experience for her.

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