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As a part of our joy in serving the Church and to the community, as well as in justice to our guests, campers, volunteers and staff, Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries, including its Carol Joy Holling and Sullivan Hills camps, is committed to principles that enable opportunities for full participation in its programs and activities. These programs and activities include Christian education, spiritual, psychological, social, personal and professional development. We welcome all people and we do not tolerate behavior that discriminates based upon race, religion, color, creed, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, age or ancestry. Such discrimination is demeaning, destructive and directly at odds with the Gospel of Christ and our goals of fostering equity, mutual understanding and cooperation.

mission statement

We are called by God to be a Christ-centered, Spirit-powered ministry:

to equip, teach and excite people for discipleship through camp experiences,
to provide our conference and retreat guests with places set apart and serve with sacred hospitality
to nurture leadership for service in the church and world

values statements

Rooted in our heritage in the Nebraska Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (NLOM) is committed to uphold that heritage and to serve the interdenominational, interfaith and broader community. NLOM provides opportunities for the people to grow in faith. Our work expresses our faith in Christ, and our faith in Christ compels us to serve others.

We help people and groups uncover, rediscover and grow in their authentic calling.

We provide opportunities for people to be in safe, intentional community where they can grow through relationships.

We are committed to inclusiveness, acceptance and friendliness. We want guests to experience, "You matter to God, therefore you matter to us." Guests are enabled, through our hospitality, to accomplish their goals.

We value being a part of the Body of Christ (1 Cor. 12) and delight in the opportunities to share ministry with other members of the Body. We also intentionally reach out to other denominations and secular groups.

Carol Joy Holling Camp is operated by Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (NLOM), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Learn more about our organization through our most recent annual report. Click Here to read our 2018 Gratitude Report


Through the Early 1960s: Nebraska Lutherans borrow camping sites to operate junior high camps. 


1964: Circle R Camp is established.  

1974: George and Irene Holling gift a half section of land near Ashland to Nebraska Synod/LCA in memory of their daughter, Carol Joy Holling.  

1975: Nebraska Lutheran Outdoor Ministries is formed. 

1979: Carol Joy Holling Camp opens with 356 campers.  

1986: Carol Joy Holling Camp serves 1000 campers for the first time. 

1994: Day Camp is established in six Nebraska Synod Congregations. 

1995: Lester & Lillian Sullivan gift a section of land near Lodgepole, Nebraska...to be known as Sullivan Hills Camp.  

1997: Sullivan Hills Camp opens with 80 campers. 

2002: The Resource Center at Carol Joy Holling Camp is finished. 

2005: The Swanson Retreat Center is completed.

2010: Campers produced 32,000 Health Kits for victims of Haiti.

2014: The New Western Town facilities are complete and replace the old Ranch bunkhouses for summer camp.

2017: Living Water Retreat House completed


2018: Monke Lodge completed


NLOM Staff

Executive Director, Jason Gerdes, JGerdes@NLOM.org
Manager of Financial Records, Laura Thalken, LThalken@NLOM.org 
Receptionist and Office Support Specialist, Chantelle Jackson, CJackson@NLOM.org


Program Team:
Director of Programs, Korey Breutzmann, KBreutzmann@NLOM.org
Associate Director of Programs, Bailey Neitzel, BNeitzel@nlom.org
Manager of Adventure Programs, Dennis Pope, DPope@NLOM.org
Program Specialist, Peter Hansen, PHansen@NLOM.org

Registrar, Jessica Weltz, JWeltz@NLOM.org


Retreat & Conference:
Director of Guest Services, Brent Thomsen, BThomsen@NLOM.org
Manager of Event Planning, Dana Jahn, DJahn@NLOM.org
Manager of Hospitality, Grant Stecher, GStecher@NLOM.org
Host, Kaitlyn Hall, KHall@NLOM.org
Host, Peter Hansen, PHansen@NLOM.org

Chef & Manager of Food Services, Terrie Urtel, TUrtel@NLOM.org

Cook, Amy Landstrom, ALandstrom@NLOM.org

Dishwasher, Glen Laughlin, GLaughlin@NLOM.org

Housekeeping Supervisor, Mary Jo Thomas, MThomas@NLOM.org
Guest Services Specialist, Sandra Kimball, SKimball@NLOM.org



Associate Director of Development, Trish Haniszewski, THaniszewski@NLOM.org
Development Associate, Dennis Remington, DRemington@NLOM.org 
Special Gifts Officer, Dave Coker, DCoker@NLOM.org 

Specialist of Development Support, Katie Holewinski, KHolewinski@NLOM.org

Marketing & Communications:

Director of Marketing, Dani Hatfield, DHatfield@NLOM.org

Associate Director of Marketing, Heather Abbott, HAbbott@NLOM.org 
Graphic Designer + Marketing Specialist, Sarah Craven, SCraven@NLOM.org
Marketing Support Specialist, Amber Westling, AWestling@NLOM.org

Buildings & Grounds:
Director of Buildings & Grounds, Roger Maxon, RMaxon@NLOM.org
Associate Director of Buildings & Grounds, Rick Hightshoe, RHightshoe@NLOM.org
Buildings & Grounds Specialist, Ivan Marsh, IMarsh@NLOM.org
Buildings & Grounds Specialist, Mike Hurst, MHurst@NLOM.org

Buildings & Grounds Specialist, Troy Judy, TJudy@NLOM.org

Manager of Sullivan Hills, Zac & Jess Christensen, ZChristensen@NLOM.org


Board of Directors

Robert Bell (President), Omaha, NE

Linda Miller (Vice President), Omaha, NE

Rev. Kris Bohac (Secretary), Waverly, NE

Bob Sall (Treasurer), Omaha, NE

Tom Birner, Sidney, NE

Carolyn Blobaum, Ashland, NE

Hannah deFreese, Omaha, NE 

Dale Fornander, Chappell, NE

Rev. Jerry Gilbreath, Pickrell, NE

Rev. Scott Johnson, Fremont, NE

Linda Kenedy, Omaha, NE

Bishop Brian Maas, Omaha, NE

Rev. Michael Peck, Overland Park, KS

Sara Rathjen, Omaha, NE

Sarah Willson, Council Bluffs, IA

L. James Wright, Omaha, NE


Foundation Board of Trustees

Linda Miller (President), Omaha, NE

Brooke Gregory (Secretary), Bellevue, NE

Jason Gerdes (Treasurer), Ashland, NE

Dr. Rod Basler, Lincoln, NE

Robert Bell, Omaha, NE

Roger Lewis, Omaha, NE

Chuck Niemeyer, Ashland, NE

Bob Sall, Omaha, NE



27416 Ranch Road

Ashland, NE. 68003

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