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Having a GRAND time at KINnect Camp

“The beginning and end of day devotionals were excellent,” Cammy Weichel raved after her camp experience this past summer. “The songs were engaging and stayed with the children (and adults) long after we left! This camp was so great for both our grandchildren and us. It provided bonding time and growing time with God!”

KINnect Camp is all about family. You may have heard about it; in the past, we’ve called it Grand Camp.

The past few years, however, we found more and more family members wanting to spend a couple days away with their niece, nephew, child, or Godchild. That’s how KINnect Camp

came to be.

“The group was small enough to be able to get to know each other,” Cammy continued. “Our village leaders did a good job of helping us get to know each other.”

“The grandparents and grandkids all made a special connection during our camp experience,” agreed Cindy Gengel.

The activities at KINnect Camp are designed to help build stronger relationships through fun shared experiences. Campers share stories, play games, talk about their faith, and enjoy time together.

Peg Schroeter recognized the benefit of bringing faith into our day-to-day experiences.

“I liked the way

God was incorporated into

the camp activities,

praying, the songs,

kids games, and

more,” she said.

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