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Snowflake Making

Step 1: Begin by gathering 6 sheets of paper, a stapler, scissors, and tape.

Step 2: With one sheet of paper, hold the top right corner and fold it towards the lower left side. Bring the edge of the paper down until it forms a triangle. A small rectangle section should remain at the bottom.

Step 3: Cut off the excess rectangle so just the triangle remains.

Step 4: Fold your triangle in half again to create a smaller triangle.

Step 5: Hold your triangle with the folded edge (marked red arrow) towards the top. The open sides of your triangle will be the bottom (marked blue arrow.) You will be cutting up towards the side marked with the red arrow.

Step 6: Make three cuts going almost all the way across. Do not cut all the way.

Step 7: Once you have made your cuts, unfold the paper into a square.

Step 8: Grab the innermost pieces and roll them together to make a tube. Secure with tape.

Flip over and do the same to the next two pieces.

Step 9: Alternating front and back, roll the remaining portions of your square securing each section with tape.

Step 10: Repeat the above steps on the other 5 sheets of paper. You will create 6 individual twisted sections.

Step 11: Pinch together 3 sections and staple at the point. Do the same with the other 3 sections.

Step 12: Staple together the two halves. Staple the outer rings between each section (the blue arrows) to the neighboring section to secure your snowflake.

Step 13: Hang and enjoy your beautiful snowflake!

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